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  • Bex Address Autocomplete

    Bex Address Autocomplete

    Improve and speed up the checkout process and provide customers with a smooth and...

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  • DExpress Address Autocomplete

    DExpress Address Autocomplete

    If you're looking for a way to improve your Magento 2 checkout process and make it more...

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  • Why Magento?

    Why Magento?

    Magento eCommerce platform is an open-source eCommerce solution that gives businesses the ability to build multichannel online experiences for both B2C, B2B and hybrid-type consumers...

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  • Fun and smiles in 2022

    Fun and smiles in 2022

    This year, we engaged in a number of activities...

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  • Happy moments in '21

    Happy moments in '21

    As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to look back and reflect on what the Betech team has done in the past year...

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  • New outfit for  season spring/summer 2021

    New outfit for season spring/summer 2021

    New outfit for season spring/summer 2021. Now we can really start to work… ups don’t forget Friday and beer time.


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  • What makes good UX in Magento

    What makes good UX in Magento

    One of the most important parts of webshops are visual identity and functionality. Magento offers a lot of options for designers to make user experience the best...

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  • Crafty Colorful Masks

    Crafty Colorful Masks

    The Betech agency has provided protective masks for all employees. Thanks to the ‘Somborske šnajderke’ and their crafty colorful masks, we are equipped and ready to protect...

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  • Race For The Cure 2019

    Race For The Cure 2019

    The lady’s part of the Betech team was happy to support the “Race For The Cure” and made unforgettable memories at the charity event. “EUROPE DONA SERBIA” organized the...

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  • Shopping Cart Price Rules

    Shopping Cart Price Rules

    Variety of options that Magento offers when it comes to applying cart promotions, it’s possible to apply rules only if the specified conditions are met, based on product...

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  • Tricky Problems Easy Solutions

    Tricky Problems Easy Solutions

    It often happens that some simple problem takes too much of our time. Because when we say “problem”, we expect a big problem, and we are already preparing for a...

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